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I am committed to providing families with outstanding health care so that they can feel better, make healthier choices, and enhance their children’s development. Whether it is recovering from pain and injury or pursuing optimal health, you can feel confident that you will receive comprehensive, professional care.  I treat people of all ages with wide ranging health care needs and I have advanced training in headaches and jaw pain, as well as Pre- and Postnatal and Pediatric Chiropractic.

It is my dream for our city of Peterborough to be different in the way we see health care: that we become pro-active rather than reactive, and teach our children to make healthy choices so that they can make the most out of every stage of life.  I strive to empower and educate my patients to take an active role in their health and overall well-being, and I have a passion for treating active-minded patients who want to feel good, function well, and be healthy.  Feel free to contact me personally with questions about how I can help you.

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